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Updated: Mar 25

Have you ever scrolled down different brands on social media and love how diverse, inclusive and honest their contents are?

We want to share with you about our mind and soul, and the reality behind creating diverse and inclusive content.

I grew up in a country where the skinnier and whiter you are, the closer you are to the idea of “perfect beauty”, being half French and half Vietnamese; that is just impossible for me. I had a time when I was in a beauty contest and the amount of weight I had to lose and how pale my skin was supposed to look was a real source of stress for me. I was hitting the gym from 4:30 AM to 6 AM and 5 PM to 7 PM every day and on a strict diet. I lost the weight but felt miserable, I remember how unhappy I was. Long story cut short, I decided to stop.

I remember when I had my first Instagram back in High School, all the contents were way different than what we have now, back then most pictures had this unrealistic idea of beauty. It was either a picture of a SI model or a VS model (they are all stunning btw!) but it’s important to have a variety of contents and promote all body types, different backgrounds, and stories so more people can relate and stop comparing and doubting themselves! I also believe that selling this unrealistic image of women to young people is not fair and can be dangerous. Our philosophy is to encourage everyone to be their best self, whatever that means to each person. 🎈

At Jadien, we want to create this easy-going and positive content where you can find different people around the world with different shapes, looks and stories. We stand for diversity and we know how powerful seeing real content is.

We want to empower and mostly we want to encourage self-love and self-care. It’s normal to have bad days! But it’s also normal to feel good and post a badass picture of you too! Listen to yourself is key. We want to be a supportive friend on your bad days and on your good days.

As a small brand, in the beginning, we thought that vision was easy to reach (out of all the downs of the entrepreneurial life) but the more we push through, the more reality hit us:

1) Not everyone you reach out for content will answer or will be interested (and that’s okay!), in fact, if you’re lucky, 5% will answer. Still, don’t give up! 💪

2) It takes time! A lot of time! Most people will be quick to judge but little do they know how many emails with no return have you sent out and how much time it takes to get people on board.

3) Your friends are amazing! But it’s also normal that not all of them want to put themselves out there on social media, we want natural and honest content, and forcing someone to do something is not the way to go (Shout out to my friends that said yes! We appreciate it!🌺 ).

4) It cost a lot of money! Yes, diverse and inclusive contents are most of the time not free. Content creators, influencers, and models are real jobs, and creating content takes a looooooot of time !!!! As a small brand, you can’t allow yourself to spend so much money on influencers with big impact or famous people even though you find their stories very inspiring – it’s not free.

5) We have to be careful about who we pick as well, we can’t say yes to everyone. The goal is to have different shapes, stories, and backgrounds so we need to find the right person that matches what we are looking for.

To go a little bit further on diversity and inclusivity, we want to share another decision we had to make recently. This June, we are supposed to launch a “body chain jewelry” capsule, we loved the idea and designs and we thought it will be perfect for summertime. BUT we want the body chains jewelry to have a variety of sizes (from XS to XXL+) and today, we can’t manage to negotiate with our manufacturer the same price for all the sizes, because the more we go up in size, the more materials it takes, the higher the price will be.

Our Jewelry are 14K gold filled (not plated) or silver 925 with jade, these materials have to follow the market price and we thought it will be unfair to have a different price for each size. You probably read a lot of articles on size diversity in fashion, we hear you and we stand with you, that’s why we decided to put on hold this capsule and replace it with something else until we find a fair solution for everyone!

The second reason behind this cancelation is that we are still a small brand and during this sanitary and economic crisis, who knows if we can go to the beach this summer? We are conscious that jewelry is not the first choice in terms of purchase during this time, therefore we can’t take this huge risk, even if we would love to show you our amazing designs.

Nothing is permanent.😊

Nowadays, we can see lots of brands, content creators, and artists supporting authenticity, honesty, and diversity! I wish I had those types of content and vibes when I was in High School. If their feeds don’t level up to your expectations yet, you can at least see the efforts through their communications or on the range of products. Here are some brands I LOVE and honestly give me the motivation to keep going in this direction: 😍

Estampe Cosmetics (a genderless make-up brand):

Estampe Cosmetics - Estampe Cosmetics (

Estampe (@estampecosmetics) • Instagram photos and videos

Meuf Paris (a powerful brand for women):

Meuf Paris

Meuf Paris (@meufparis) • Instagram photos and videos

Akho Paris (a genderless clothing line): • Instagram photos and videos

And these are some content creators and artists that stand by these values too:

Valentine: V A L E N T I N E (@youcantbemyvalentine) • Instagram photos and videos

Hilda: HILDA by Charlotte Nopal (@whyhildadance) • Instagram photos and videos

Thérèse: she just dropped her new album! please check it out here: Rêvalité - Thérèse (

Thérèse (@tcommetherese) • Instagram photos and videos

We hope you had a nice 4 mins read 😉

Feel free to share this article or write to us!

Have a lovely Thursday night 💚

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