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The 6 months update

The terraces are back, so are we!

I was thinking about what I should write here and realized that it has been over 6 months since we launched Jadien. The launch date is something I can easily forget as this company was evidence for me the past 4 years, I literally have to highlight in my notebook “14.11.2021 - 1 YEAR” so I can give it a hand clap when it comes!

You know how they say when the babies hit 6 months, you can see their faces clearer and their bodies are stronger? They can half sit up and the parents don’t panic? This pretty much sums up my mental state and my outlook on Jadien now. :)

I remember the day we launched, it felt weird. Even more during covid when all you can do is post a story and a picture about it on social media, and the end! Then the next 2 weeks you stay connected 24/7 just to see every tiny actions and interaction that are happening.

2 weeks from that day, I start going down the hall and being emotional for every single thing that is happening in my professional and personal life. Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle, it’s hard to separate personal and business, it’s even harder during lockdown when all you can do is: work.

From that day I had to learn to be the Founder and President of my business and it is H.A.R.D, it is still hard. I am so used to being on my own and behind the curtain that now when I have to be upfront, it turns me into this complicated person. You can have all the traits of character that define you as strong and independent, at the end of the day, you are still human and you must continue to learn, stay open-mind, accept reality and most importantly LISTEN to your intuition.

I am still learning.

One day I woke up feeling so exhausted from bottling up what I really want to say. I know that if I don’t change now, I won’t progress. I decided to face a big bag of truth and be strong to have very uncomfortable conversations with people that I love for many reasons. I was a pro of painting a situation that is not ideal for me as a perfect situation. I was a pro of seeing people for more than who they are because I carry so much hope and, I was a pro of making up stories in my mind because the truth will hurt me and the person I am engaging the conversation with. I do make mistakes whether it is a decision or a word.

I felt happy but not proud of myself whenever I got a good opportunity for Jadien. Worst, I felt like if I celebrated these small victories, people might think “oh she’s doing it too much”. I cared so much about what people think. It is draining and not productive.

These negative thoughts followed me for so long, even before Jadien, because I didn’t know what “being fair” means. I trusted people blindly and immediately painted them in all the rainbows' colors. Being fair is harder than it sounds.

We also went through a rough administration path where the bank didn't work with our timeline. We didn't have any collaborations, no one is answering, bills are floating in but not the sales and we had to do a major change in our production procedural (to name a few rollercoaster rides downside). We decided to part ways with our atelier and sign with a jewelry manufacturer that will be able to meet the quality and quantity that we are aiming for! That in fact, was very hard in the beginning but turns out to be one of the best things happening for our brand and I am so happy we did the move. We are now able to work with bigger clients and deliver a more important number of products on time with amazing service. The manufacturer we partner with also has the same values as us, a win-win situation!

Change is something you can't avoid, it's uncomfortable and most of the time the period is long and tiring, but you have to do it for the sake of your company and yourself.

The beginning of April is when I “found” myself again and decided to listen to every bit of what my intuition is saying to me, and the change is larger than life. I decided to game up, be mature with my emotions and do what I know is right. Just being fully myself and that’s it. I start seeing boats of opportunities coming at us, people calling us back, my ideas coming to life and even better, I was comfortable being myself. I got the reality check and I know exactly where I am heading with this business. Everything is CLEAR and I do every single thing passionately.

Not every day is perfect but if you listen to your intuition, you will never go wrong. Even on days where you have doubts or think “what is this person thinking of me?” or “am I going to be able to pay the bills next month?” – You will STILL feel exactly on your path, the RIGHT path. And when you are on the right path, you’ll always find a way even if the problem is indescribable.

I am not a fan of writing down “this is what life does to you” list (I've only lived a quarter-life haha) but If right now you are going through some complicated situations that are family, friends, or colleagues related, trying to start something of your own or you are 50 and randomly end up here reading this article written by a 25 years old “trying to blog” girl and need some words of wisdom:

Nothing is permanent in life. Celebrate what makes you happy and put your inner peace as a priority. There’s not one road you take that will be free of negativity! That what makes the road different and what makes you special.

Those are the words I repeat to myself often.

Meditation is becoming my best friend too! I used to hate it so much. Now I wake up looking forward to meditating more than making myself a cup of coffee!

To sum up Jadien’s 6 months update: You will hear more about us beyond our own social media platform. We will be part of some jewelry exhibitions and trade shows in Europe. We are finally able to create sustainable gifting for our clients. We are starting to build branches and projects internationally and we are launching more products in the weeks to come. That’s pretty much all that I can deliver, for now, the rest is what we call a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” until D-day! :)


I hope you had a nice read!

Feel free to reach out to us for a quick “hi” or a long message. I’ll be very happy to read and reply at @jadienthebrand.

Take care and enjoy the summer days ahead!

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