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The B.I.G introduction!

Updated: Mar 14

Welcome to Jadien Shares! 🎉

I am Jade, the founder, and designer of Jadien. I am so excited to share this journey with you!

Jadien was a project, my side hustle for years and we finally launched it in November 2020 (the 14th, to be exact!).

I know how important it is to be authentic and communicate when you create a brand that has a lot of history and signification and Jadien Shares is my safe place to do so.

As much as I love taking pictures and sharing different content on social media, I find it much more comfortable to write to you here. I see it as a diary for us. I feel less pressured and have more time to rearrange my thoughts. 😊

Here are a few questions you might ask so far about us:

1) Why did I decide to create Jadien? What is Jadien, really?

I decided to create Jadien for 2 main reasons (I will go into details in the articles to come):

First, is for the creative side, I love and have so much fun designing the jewelry and come up with ideas for each campaign, photoshoot, or production. I love being involved in different areas of the brand and managing it. Not one day is like the other. There’s always something new to learn and someone new to meet. It’s never boring and it’s mentally so fulfilling.

The second reason is the freedom of life and when I say freedom, it doesn’t always sound cute and easy like the many photos you see on social media – it comes with a cost and that is the risks you take every day, the unstable financial state, the fears that you feel most nights before closing your eyes and the critics that come from all angle. But now that I experienced that freedom for some time, nothing in the world will make me want to go back to my old life. Everything is worth fighting for.

I want to precise that this is my personal point of view, there’s no better life, there’s only what works best for you. 😊

What is Jadien? Jadien is a company that specialized in Jade Jewelry. We are also a Jade supplier for brands, individuals, lithotherapy boutiques, and other jewelry companies.

My vision for Jadien for the years to come doesn’t stop at just creating Jewelry. I want to expand the brand to other items and mostly I want Jadien to be a brand that speaks.

2) Why did I name my company "Jadien"?

Jadien is a contraction of my name and my grandmother’s name “Vien”. She is my main source of inspiration and she is the person that bathed my mother and me in her passion and love for jade. My mother is the one who gave me the creative side in personalizing the pieces. When I was little, she will often bring me to the different jade markets around the world: Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, China, Myanmar, Singapore, and New Zealand – (yes they do have jade in NZ and it’s pretty awesome!) She will pick the pieces that she likes and then work with a Jewelry Designer.

La Jouvencelle is all about them and the feeling of your childhood memories and emotions.

You will see throughout this year the evolution of our designs and stories in each capsule.

3) What will you see on Jadien Shares?

One of my motivations while juggling between jobs, studies, and building Jadien for years was the many stories I read online about other female entrepreneurs. I admire and constantly pick up their advice. Everyone is on their own journey, and some will be more relatable to you than others, that’s why it’s important to have a variety of backgrounds and stories.

Reading their stories is always comforting and relaxing because I know that I am not alone. I want to share my journey with Jadien but also tackle different topics without any barriers such as money (yes, everything related to money), investment, mistakes, goals, lessons, dirty dishes, etc. I will also share some personal stuffff (like mental health) and open this platform to different collaborations so you can have a variety of content where you can use and reach out to us.

I am new on this journey so if you have ideas, advice, questions, or just want to say hi, please feel free to write to me at

Thank you so much!!!

Love Love Love!!! 💚

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